Sangerstevne 2015 – St. Luke’s Church

The London Sangerstevne is an international, non-competitive choral festival which has been held annually in London since 2004.

During the 2015 festival, which covers the weekend 15-17 May, 30 choirs from 7 nations will present a total of 11 eleven concerts,

each presenting a programme of their own choosing. There are no winners, no losers, no one in second place and no ranking of the choirs and singers

at all. They all just come together to share the joy of choral singing, to exchange repertoire and for a social occasion.

 The word “Sangerstevne” is Norwegian and means a congress, or coming together of singers. Sangerstevner are held in Norway on a local, regional and national basis.

 Further information about the 2015 festival is available at


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